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David Macon is the author of "Then Jesus Said..." A First Century View of the Parables. He has had a varied life, including Army service, living in multiple states, and a profound encounter with God in 2001. His personal journey and insights have led him to write this book.

In "Then Jesus Said…" A First Century View of the Parables, David provides practical applications that show how the parables are relevant in today's world. The book offers insights into the teachings of Jesus and how they apply to everyday life. David's personal experiences and understanding of the parables make this book a valuable resource for those seeking guidance and inspiration.

David has learned by making mistakes, getting up, and trying again. He was born in Hayward, California, and raised in Alabama. He married his soulmate, Melanie, after serving three years in the Army and they have raised three sons. David has lived in Florida, Georgia, and currently North Carolina. During that time, he has had the blessing of meeting many people from diverse circumstances.

David embraced Christ as a young teenager and received baptism at sixteen. Like Israel in the Old Testament, he struggled to follow God. In 2001, David encountered God in a very real way while attending a 4th Day event. Since then, he has spent a great deal of time learning about what Jesus taught. His past mistakes (and some successes) have given insights into this. In short, David has been there and done that. So, just like you would look for a wilderness guide that knows the wilderness, David can help you find your way through the parables of Jesus.

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